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Postby Rheinhard » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:26 pm

Since there doesn't seem to be one, I thought I'd start a topic to discuss the various cool stuff posted to Starline's Tumblr. Don't have an account there myself (not an artist and all) but find myself wanting to chit chat about various items there.

I've gotten in the habit of clicking the link above the comic because of all the varied and nifty stuff it has pointed me at which I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise; from the Teens React to Malala video, to the fantastic animated short by Ishida YuYasushi, and the precise volume of ass kicked by Artemisia Gentileschi.

(I should point out that when I linked to the latter from my Facebook page it was enthusiastically re-shared by my friend Jonathan Clements, co-author with Helen McCarthy of the Anime Encyclopedia and all-around Asian history and languages scholar -- check his recent appearance on NOVA discussing the Chinese Terra Cotta Army)

As to the recent batch of posts of ACEO card arts...

Hmmm... I just have to wonder what exactly spurred such a sudden rush of Korrasami fanart?? :lol:


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