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Talking about Candi

Postby HiFranc » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:50 pm

I normally try to keep my real life and my on-line life separate but I confessed to my colleagues that I'm a reader of Candi.[1] I tried to sum up the story to date. One of my other colleagues, who was keeping very quiet, asked one of the colleagues I was talking to to ask me a series of questions:

  • Does Candi have pink hair?
  • Is she an arts student?
  • Does Linda wear a lot of purple?

So it looks like it's a pretty small world.

[1] I say confessed because:
  • It's seen as "unmanly" to follow soaps,
  • Most Brits view comics as something that children read[2] and, on a more serious point,
  • I'm afraid that if it becomes generally known that I read webcomics it might harm my prospects for promotion. Most employers, at least in the UK, view "frivolous" pastimes in a negative light. Admittedly I'm still new to this organisation so I'm not sure if it applies to my current employer but it is something that worries me.
[2] But my obvious embarrassment led my colleagues to speculate that what I was reading was porn.
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