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Plugging muh new business...

Postby batsu-sama » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:17 pm

Ok, so this is a bit of shameless self-promotion on my part, but I hope you will find it of interest.

A large percentage of people these days are avid gamers or use some form of social media and are developing more and more friends from other countries, that being said, personal security is more crucial than ever. People always have it drummed into them to NEVER give out their password information.

This can be a risk however. What happens if you get into an accident and are incapacitated or even killed? Many companies will not give out login details of a deceased individual, even to their own next of kin.

That is where Death Capsules come in. Similar in concept to a time capsule, any information such as passwords, videos you want your children to get if you pass away and so on can be stored for your next of kin and will only be released upon receipt of a copy of a death certificate and confirmation of the persons death, at which time the capsule will be forwarded to the next of kin.

The main draw factor for our business is that it will be largely OFFLINE-BASED, ensuring integrity and security of your data. Having your data not connected to the internet in any way will ensure that hackers and other ill-mannered users of the internet can not potentially steal or compromise your valuable information. The only exception to this rule will be a service available for a fee where a subscriber will be able to send updates through a secure connection, otherwise a subscriber can request their capsule up to two times a year to do their own updates.

The indiegogo campaign is located at so if you want to pay a visit and maybe spread the word or even make a contribution it will be GREATLY appreciated.
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