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Postby clif » Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:13 am

Sylvanaerie wrote:
clif wrote:
BlueRoses wrote:In Thad's defense, that might have been his first casual sexual encounter (he's gone on dates, yeah, but maybe not sealed the seal). That face still looks like he's trying to compute the notion of "I just had a one night stand". It can be overwhelming to absorb the first time.

I'm seeing a fun time together. I'm seeing a possibly spectacular goodby kiss. I'm seeing a Thad with mixed feelings. Where are you guys seeing a one night stand???

In the final/split panel she is hiding behind the door in her underwear. Now, granted maybe they got into some heavy making out and 'one night stand' might be assuming much, but it's a reasonable assumption given panels 1 and 2. Especially without verbal cues.

All I'm getting from Tad in the last panel is conflict. About what, I"m not sure.

Lasenna wrote:There were several clues in the last panel. It's not just that the date was shyly hiding behind the door in a black bra (as opposed to the long sleeve green shirt of their date) and the continuing blush on both their cheeks across all three panels. There is also the obvious fact that Thad's hair is messed up while leaving in the same clothes. And while this one is by no means definite, the cup of coffee date strikes me as a later in the day/evening sort of activity, whereas Thad is clearly leaving in the morning.

Ah, I had missed seeing the skin below that means it was a bra. His hair looks as messed up to me in the first panel as the last and it's not clear to me from visible evidence he's leaving in the morning. But the underwear is a clear enough indication that you guys are right on the main point.
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