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Postby clif » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:11 am

BenjaminT wrote:I could totally be wrong but my impression is that he doesn't know the extent of it but he has had moments when he's suspected it's more than he's assumed at the very least. It's a bit similar (though not quite identical) to Candi not realizing how much Jon likes him. She continues to be surprised by little things here and there that she should have long come to expect. And if someone mentions it she denies it but if they press she acknowledges there's something but that people are blowing it out of proportion. If Thad, for instance, were to point out the numerous instances of Candi catching Chris by surprise and pointing out how she totally digs him I could see Chris respond in much the same way that Candi responded when Laura and Jess did the same to her about Jon.

Candi knows what's going on emotionally but she isn't completely prepared to admit it even to herself, doesn't know how to deal with it and has self-worth issues on top.

Chris not only has an idea of what's going on, he's in the early stages of actively courting her - something that has to be a slow process with Candi in order not to activate her defensive reactions.

My fear is, will Chris still value Candi properly after he has her? Don't mind me; I'm still rooting for Jon.
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