Pursue or be pursued?

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Pursue or be pursued?

Postby BenjaminT » Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:50 am

So I think we all anticipate some kind of date coming from this StdyDate app. My question is whether people think her first date will come from her finding someone on the app and requesting a date or whether someone will find her and ask her out. What do you guys think?

I can see it go both ways. Candi has stated that she prefers pursuing. That said, she hasn't found anyone that stands out to her yet. If someone invites her first, would she turn it down? Or would she be open to trying it out with someone who made an effort even if she wouldn't have picked him out on her own? I'm kind of leaning towards her finding someone on her own. That said, if a nice enough guy sent her an invite I imagine she might take him up on it.

I don't know for sure, but I imagine that most of these dating sites will result in reasonably attractive girls getting tons of requests...much more than she could possibly request on her own (even for someone like Katia). If this were a realistic dating service, I imagine that Candi's toughest job would be filtering all the creeps out of the pile of requests she gets. If it had started with that, I don't know that Candi would ever get around to even looking at Katia's suggestions. BUT, if she really wants to pursue she may not even look at all the requests.
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